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"How do newborn sessions work?"

Read on for our newborn sessions step by step!

Step 1:

You email us/call us/text us or yell at us from across the street and say “WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” 

Hopefully this step happens while the baby is still a few months away so we don’t have to rush through the next step which is SO important. 

Step 2:


Let's talk about what kind of images you want, where you are going to put them and show you some of the awesome products we offer for our clients. Do you want a relaxed family lifestyle image of you all in bed or do you want a perfectly posed newborn? We want to capture what YOU want, not what we want. So it’s important to hash that all out before hand so we can have the right props, right setting, right colors, etc etc etc. If you don’t have time to do this in person we can absolutely chat on the phone about all this stuff too but ideally you would visit our home studio and see the set up and our growing collection of props before we ever get you on our calendar.

Step 3:


“But I don’t know exactly when my baby is going to be born.” Yep, this is a problem. But here’s our solution! We generally want to see babies at around the 7 day mark and no later than 14 days-  so we take your due date, add a week and put you on our calendar. As we get closer to baby we adjust as necessary. If baby is born early we move the session up and if baby is born later we move the session later. Every other baby on our schedule is in the same boat so the calendar is constantly shifting. We just ask that everyone keep us in the loop and let us know as soon as possible once baby has officially arrived. In general we book our sessions for 9:30am on Monday and Thursday mornings but there is some flexibility for families who just can’t make that time or those days work.


Step 4:

If you choose to have your session in our home studio (something decided in step 2!) we will have everything set up when you get here with a variety of props and fun little things pulled out in advance. We’ll go over anything specific you brought and we’ll be off to the races! Usually sessions last around 2-3 hours but we have done sessions in as little as an hour and a half with an incredibly sleepy/content baby. It really just depends because we stop to let baby eat, patiently wait for them to settle and soothe and never try to rush it along. If we are coming to your house for a lifestyle session we will show up with a carful of goodies (also discussed in advance so we know what to pack!) and look like we will be moving in for at least a month. While we’re unloading the car you’ll feed the baby and we’ll get started shooting with hopefully a full and content baby. 

Step 5:


We know, We know. Waiting to see photos is so hard! But in general we try to make you only wait around 2 weeks before you get to see your beautiful images. While you’re waiting, be looking at all the walls in your house-even take pictures with your phone and email them to us, measure the spaces and think about some of those things we showed you in step 1. It also helps to make a list of other people who would love to receive an image of your little one as a gift! 

Step 6:


Yay, step 5 is over and your images are ready! We will sit down in person and show you all your gorgeous images together. This session can take place in either our home studio or at your home, we just ask that any decision makers are present and older siblings are not in tow.(The tiny newborns however are of course welcome to be there for this so you don’t have to be separated) We’ll show you samples, you’ll pick your favorites and tell us about any edits you might want, choose your products and their sizes and we’ll get the order placed right then and there with either cash, check or card! Your order will arrive on your doorstep about a week later ready to hang (with the exceptions of albums that take a little longer). We’ll walk you through the entire process so you get what you want, it will look absolutely gorgeous in your home and you’ll smile every time you walk by it on the wall or on the shelf. 

Step 7:

A little time goes by and you get pregnant again. 

See Step 1. 

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